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Set to Impress: Table Setting 101 - Formal

Set to Impress: Table Setting 101

Your table setting can add a unique touch to any holiday dinner. From informal to formal, and from rustic to striking, a great host knows their way around a table.


TIP: When choosing napkins, go with linen for an informal setting.

TIP: Have multiple salt and pepper shakers on the table.

TIP: Don’t worry if you have mismatched plates, glasses and cutlery. It lends a relaxed vibe.

Informal table setting


TIP: A first-course soup bowl or salad plate can be set on top of the service plate (or charger); remove the service plate when you are clearing the first course.

TIP: Dessert cutlery and cups and saucers for coffee/tea can be brought out with dessert.

TIP: Clear wineglasses, bread plates, and salt and pepper shakers before serving dessert. Water glasses should remain on the table for the entirety of the meal.

Formal table setting