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How to Set up an Ice Cream Sundae Station

How to Set up an Ice Cream Sundae Station

Go a step further than the candy bar at your next summer soiree by serving up an ice cream sundae station featuring homemade hot fudge sauce. It’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser and you can find all of the ingredients needed at your local grocery store. Here’s how to make yours a success.


Phoebe Lo is the Toronto-based event planner behind Toronto’s Blossom and Bloom event, an open-concept, floral-and-craft-focused market showcasing local creative businesses, floral designers, artists and musicians.

1. Stock the right supplies

Dribbles, splatters and sprinkles are no stranger to ice cream bars so opt for a water-resistant surface or table covering. Line up your flavours and designate individual spoons or tongs for each topping as well as decorative serving dishes in varying sizes.

Ice cream sundae station - tools

2. Plan ahead

Save time and keep your ice cream cool by pre-scooping and freezing portions prior to the start of the party, and serving and replenishing them as needed. Pop back over to the freezer for your next batch to keep your ice cream as fresh and cold as possible.

Ice cream sundae station - scoops

3. Mix it up

Have fun with flavours and textures. Think beyond the classic ice cream varieties (but have those ready, too) and offer indulgent toppings like white and dark and even flavoured chocolate shavings (we love mint), sprinkles, toasted coconut and marshmallows. Add in an assortment of fruit – think strawberries, bananas and even citrus – and the piece de resistance: chocolate fudge sauce, the finishing touch to any ice cream masterpiece. Learn how to make your own here.

Ice cream sundae station - toppings

4. Keep it cool

When you are ready to open your sundae station, be sure to incorporate an ice bath or ice box with your display to keep everything cool and fresh for as long as possible.

Ice cream sundae station - ice bath

5. Theme it up

Play with a theme and surprise your guests with the unexpected. How about a movie-themed ice cream bar or even a colour-coded ice cream station? The possibilities are endless!

Ice cream sundae station - colour theme