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How to Store Chocolate

How to Store Chocolate

Here are the dos and don’ts when it comes to handling premium chocolate.

Admit it, you have a secret chocolate stash at home. But do you really know how to keep it fresh? Here’s the expert advice on storing your chocolate the correct way.

Don't keep your chocolate anywhere that isn't temperature controlled

Aim for a temperature between 60–64°F (16–18°C), not much higher. In the summer, and without air conditioning, it should be stored in a cool space like a basement or cold cellar.

Do keep your chocolate on the cool side

Do store previously opened chocolate carefully

The fat content in chocolate causes it to take on other flavours (like foods in the refrigerator) if not sealed properly. It’s best to take out only the amounts you want to use and eat. If you do have to store it in the refrigerator, use a resealable plastic bag and then allow it to come to room temperature before using. Avoid freezing your chocolate.

Don’t store previously used chocolate, opened

Don't ignore best before dates

They’re there for a reason: to guarantee quality. If you see white or greyish streaking, that’s known as the fat bloom and it happens when cocoa butter becomes crystalized from exposure to extreme temperature changes. A slight bloom is still safe to eat.

Do follow best before dates

Do use your senses to look for freshness

Premium chocolate has a silky sheen and even texture. It melts at body temperature and has a snap when you break off a piece.

Do use your senses to look for freshness