You say you know the difference between cacao and cocoa, but do you know the difference between a chocolatier and a Maître? Lindt Maître Chocolatiers, Thomas Schnetzler, who is based in Australia, and U.S.-based Ann Czaja, fill us in on their sweet expertise:

Chocolatier is a broad term, which can have slightly different definitions depending on where you are. Often, anyone that runs or works in a chocolate shop and is creating confections from chocolate can be referred to as a chocolatier, even though they may not be making the chocolate from bean to bar. In Europe, a chocolatier is more often reserved for chocolate-makers who are producing the chocolate first, and then making their creations from that.

Maître is the French translation for Master. Lindt Maître Chocolatiers are highly trained experts in all things chocolate and are true experts from around the globe (from Switzerland to South Africa to Japan). To obtain their credentials, Maîtres study for years and complete a traditional apprenticeship that embodies the great skill and dedication required to create the finest chocolate and confections. While most Maîtres begin their careers as Swiss-trained pastry chefs or confectioners, learning about and discovering chocolate never stops. They continue to develop their skills with regular workshops and by studying new techniques and trends all year long. In Lindt’s chocolate factories, the Maîtres are very hands-on in testing the cacao beans and various chocolate qualities to uphold Lindt’s heritage of producing the world’s finest chocolate.