1. Wrap up a Treat

Give guests a sweet to take home (or to snack on after dinner) by wrapping up a bar of Lindt Excellence Hazelnut Dark Chocolate with a cloth napkin. Fold as you would with wrapping paper, then secure using a piece of ribbon (or even kitchen twine, for a rustic look).

2. Go Green

Replace a napkin ring with a long sprig of a sturdy herb, like rosemary, tied in a loop with thread. It’s fragrant, eco-friendly and gives diners a preview of what’s on the menu! (You can also simply tuck a sprig, or a fresh flower, inside a traditional napkin ring.)

3. Keep it Simple

If you’ve got no time for elaborate origami folding, simply tie each serviette in a loose knot (about halfway down) for a look that’s both minimalist and chic.

4. Get Crafty

For easy DIY napkin rings, tape together the ends of thick strips of paper printed with custom messages and conversation starters: trivia, fortunes, menu information, even inspirational quotes about the joys of dining.

5. Assign Seating

Paint over basic wooden napkin rings with chalkboard paint, and write guests’ names on them so everyone knows where they’re seated. Bonus: Just erase and repeat for your next dinner party!