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5 Books for Chocolate Lovers

5 Books for Chocolate Lovers

Whether you’re an amateur or a chocolatier, step up your skills with these confectionery and baking books.

From essential guidebooks to coffee-table tomes, Jonathan Cheung – owner of culinary bookstore Appetite for Books – recommends five of his go-to books for all things chocolate. Tip: For a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift, pair one of these books with a bar of Lindt Excellence.

Jonathan Cheung is a chef and owner of Montreal’s culinary bookstore Appetite for Books. The Westmount store (and professional kitchen) offers an unrivalled selection of cookbooks, and Cheung hosts evening demonstrations and tastings for private clients and small groups.

1. Chocolate, Dom Ramsey (2016)

Packed full of inspiring visuals, Chocolate takes the reader through 20 step-by-step recipes and eight master classes on both basic and more advanced chocolate skills (like flavouring and tempering different grades of chocolate).

Chocolate, Dom Ramsey (2016) + Lindt Excellence Dark 70% Cacao

2. Chocolate, Pierre Hermé (2016)

Written by renowned French pastry chef Pierre Hermé – Vogue named him the “Picasso of Pastry” – this book is beautiful enough to grace even the most luxurious of coffee tables. The decadent imagery is paired with professional-level recipes: Hermé offers instructions for desserts like his traditional chocolate baba cake and a perfect chocolate macaron.

Chocolate, Pierre Hermé (2016) + Lindt Excellence Dark Hazelnut

3. Seriously Bitter Sweet, Alice Medrich (2013)

Credited with popularizing chocolate truffles in the U.S., Alice Medrich is also the author of several cookbooks that are sought-after across North America. Her most recent work, Seriously Bitter Sweet, features both sweet and savoury recipes made specifically for use with percentage chocolates.

Seriously Bitter Sweet, Alice Medrich (2013) + Lindt Excellence Supreme Dark 90% Cacao

4. Chocolate at Home, Will Torrent (2014)

Perfect for the home cook, this book offers recipes for ganache, caramels, pralines, cookies and puddings. At only 16, Will Torrent began his career training with Heston Blumenthal, and today he is an award-winning chocolatier and patissier. Chocolate at Home features 80 of his easy-to-follow recipes and is devoted exclusively to chocolate.

Chocolate at Home, Will Torrent (2014) + Lindt Excellence Dark Madagascar 70% Cacao

5. Chocolates and Confections, Peter P. Greweling (2012)

Considered the authoritative work on artisan confectionery, Chocolates and Confections focuses on both chocolate and candy making. Its techniques are challenging but within reach for most cooks, regardless of skill level.

Chocolates and Confections, Peter P. Greweling (2012) + Lindt Excellence Intense Dark 85% Cacao